Tribute to Glacier Granny Ardith Chambers.
 Ardith Chambers 


In January we lost our good friend, Ardith Chambers. She had been living with ALS for many months, but was still managing to be very much part of our activities.

Ardith had been a member of the Glacier Grannies for many years. Her first major project was creating two beautiful fabric art pieces for the 2010 – 2011 travelling exhibition, “Turning the Tide”.

Her artist’s statement reads:

perspective“After many years of quilting with traditional and innovative patterns, Ardith realized, that the results that pleased her most were open-ended, not precise instruction but general guidelines that had room for creativity. From there, it was a short walk over to textile art. There are really no rules in this genre. It's whatever works!

“Ardith spends at least an hour, most days, at her sewing machine making clothes or a quilt or textile art. It is her way of being creative. She loves colour, the feel of fabrics and the mental stimulation of planning yet another project.

Ardith continued to use her imagination, skills, and sense of colour to produce items for sale at our craft fairs. Her famous “fish bags” for storing plastic bags, cases for eyeglasses, and tissues and many other items were popular with Grannies and customers.

In addition to creating crafts, Ardith was also craft-coordinator with Dianne W. who writes:

“It was always so easy and pleasant to be working with Ardith on any project. As we had previously been co-chairs together we knew each other’s strengths and styles.?

“She was so utterly dependable and diligent in getting things done with as little fuss as possible. Ardith could be counted on to arrange bookings well ahead of time for all our craft fairs. Since one of us was sometimes away, we’d decide who would arrange volunteer shifts for those events, sometimes for a few hours, sometimes for 3 day fairs. Together, we’d work out how to get all the crafts, tables, cash box, tent, etc. where needed. Although in the past she was deeply involved with sewing many of her own inventions, when that became difficult to do she kept as involved as she could on the steering committee. She will be greatly missed.”

In the lead-up to Art From the Attic (which had to be postponed due to the pandemic), Ardith joined the publicity committee, and worked on provenance for the art works. The committee enjoyed meeting in her cosy bed-sitting room, and appreciated her imaginative ideas for spreading the word about the event.

Ardith also participated in The Red Scarf Campaign. She joined others gathered for knitting bees who were having fun knitting up a red scarf storm, in support of AIDS Vancouver Island's Red Scarf Campaign.

More recently, Ardith joined Pat P. in posting to the Glacier Grannies Facebook page. Pat writes:

“In between our Glacier Grannies’ events, Ardith would read posts on various Facebook pages, and if they were interesting she would “share” them to our Glacier Grannies Facebook page.

“She would share posts from the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign, Stephen Lewis Foundation and various Granny Groups, usually the ones on the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island, but also from some of the Facebook pages created by Community Based Organizations in Africa.”

Pat stressed how important this job is, in sharing the wonderful work done in both Africa and Canada. It is also a big commitment as it is necessary to post at least once a week in order to keep the page active.

coll2Ardith’s last major project was organizing the 2020 Virtual Walk Across Africa. She encouraged many of us into forming a local team, kept us up to the mark and kept track of our distances weekly, reporting them to Raymond to add to our map. Although by this time she was wheelchair-bound, she added to our kilometers herself, on her trusty scooter. Through Ardith’s hard work, $8,565 was raised for the Foundation.

Right to the end Ardith was an active member of the Grannies, attending meetings and our book club through Zoom, and coming up with ideas for fundraising.

However, a list of Ardith’s achievements misses her real essence. As Grannies shared their memories of Ardith, all spoke of her kind and gentle personality, which was coupled with a steely determination to support the Grandmothers of Africa. Everyone remembered her gorgeous, wacky, colourful outfits, and her bicycling to meetings and events – no matter the weather or the distance to be covered.

In her goodbye message to us all Ardith said: “I've loved being a Glacier Granny, it gave me a purpose and many friendships in this last segment of my life, thanks for your open heartedness, your generosity.”

Ardith, the privilege was ours. You enriched all our lives and we will never forget you.

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Video by Ardith's granddaughter: Sienna.


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