The Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign is an initiative of the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

The Comox Valley Glacier Grannies

In 2007 a group of women from the Comox Valley was inspired by their African sisters who had risen so willingly to the challenge of bringing up their grandchildren, after their own children had died from AIDS. Since then, the Glacier Grannies have raised over $390,000 for the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign of the Stephen Lewis Foundation. Learn more about our group here.

We raise money through special events, and by creating and selling a wide variety of crafts.

A grandmother and granddaughter embrace: Kenya - Pendeza Africa South Africa - Grandmothers against poverty and Aids Smiling grandmothers: Uganda - PEFO Grandmothers celebrate: Uganda - PEFO Grandmother and grandchild: South Africa - GAPA
prior now

Grandmother and grandchild: South Africa - GAPA

Grandmothers celebrate: Uganda - PEFO

Smiling grandmothers Uganda - PEFO

South Africa - Grandmothers against poverty and Aids

A grandmother and granddaughter embrace: Kenya - Pendeza Africa

Tens of millions of children in Africa have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS. The Stephen Lewis Foundation, through the Grandmothers to Grandmothers Campaign, supports and empowers the grandmothers who have taken over their care. By partnering with local grassroots organizations, the Foundation is able to respond to the practical and emotional needs of grandmothers and their grandchildren - Click here to read a July 22 Globe and Mail article recognizing the strengths of African grandmothers.


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Coming Events

Mark your calendars for Sunday, April 29th! The Glacier Grannies are planning an exciting afternoon which will include a slide show presentation by Elizabeth Sebesta on her recent visit to Stephen Lewis Foundation projects in Africa. The afternoon will also include other exciting activities such as A Blind Date with a Book and Buy a Cork. Intrigued? For more details click here.

The Glacier Grannies will be participating in the following upcoming events:

Evergreen Trash & Treasures

World Community Film Fest

Arts & Bloom, Kitty Coleman Woodland Gardens

Click here for more details.

This Past Fall

Details of 6th Annual African Dinner click on image below.


For details of the launch of Powered by Love Oct 16, 2017 click on image.


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“We are the backbones of our communities. We form the core of community-based care. With our love and commitment we protect and nurture our orphan grandchildren. Africa cannot survive without us.” - African Grandmothers in the 2010 Manzini Statement