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 Clothing Exchange  

Where: The home of Barb and James T

When: October and December

At a general meeting Barb T. shared an idea with the rest of the Grannies: a low-key clothing swap for members, which would give them a fun afternoon of laughter and a refreshed wardrobe, and also make a few dollars for the Foundation.

The rest of the group responded with enthusiasm, and donations began to pour in from Grannies and their friends. Barb and James’ house quickly resembled an oversized boutique. As the date of the swap approached, a team sorted, priced, and designated areas in the house for different types of clothing, as well as changing rooms. Grannies were asked to spread the word amongst their friends, as the house was filled with beautiful garments of all descriptions.

The sale exceeded everyone’s expectations. Grannies and their friends came to the house, which was soon filled with happy customers rifling through the racks of clothing and trying on their finds. In the evening, women and girls from the Ukrainian community were invited to come and chose items at no cost, and once again the house was filled with enthusiastic fashion-seekers.

One thing did not change from Barb’s original idea: despite the hard work, Grannies shared wonderful camaraderie and plenty of laughter. However, the “few dollars” turned into $1,432 for the Foundation.

After the last Ukrainians had left, the Grannies were still left with many pieces. Some were suitable for consignment stores, but others benefitted Care-a-Van and Too Good to be Threw.

A huge thank you to Barb and James, whose lives were turned upside-down for the duration, and the team of helpers: Carol K. Sandy H. Virginia P. and Linda M. Also an enormous thank you to all those who donated such excellent clothing.

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