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Lorraine Barner

Lorraine started quilting over ten years ago with some of the dearest women on the face of the earth. She is at this place of gratitude for all they have brought to her life!   Read more

The Comox Valley has been her home and inspiration for!

Lorraine thanks all her friends...they know who they are!
Comox, BC

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Paula Beltgens

Paula is a Nanaimo fabric artist who is happiest when she is up to her elbows in fabric, beads and yarn!   

Port Alberni, BC

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Ann Best, Susan Jasper, Katie Jasper

Susan Jasper, Katie Jasper and Anne Best have been friends for many years - since the good old days when they all lived in the Comox Valley.  Anne and Susan have spent many pleasant hours together discussing textile projects while walking their dogs on the forest trails and at the beach.   Read more

Their first projects, with the North Island Quilters for Community Awareness, were individual, but they immediately discovered how much enjoyment there was in sharing the design process. So was born collaboration, one that has stood the test of time and distance, lasting through ten years and several moves.

Anne moved to the Victoria area several years ago and Katie and Susan relocated to Calgary. Every year they burn up the telephone lines planning the project and roughing out an idea.

First, Katie steps in and produces a visual game plan for the creation. Then, Susan and Anne spend an action-packed week together at Anne's house in Cowichan, hunched over the creation until the wee hours, debating colours, fabrics and design.

Anne's two dogs keep them in touch with reality by insisting on being fed and walked, but do sit by, faithfully, through the whole process, covered in bits of thread and fabric fluff. Susan and Anne usually spend a few late nights getting the whole piece together so Susan can get it through airport security and back home to work on it with Katie.

After several weeks in Calgary, the piece travels to Anne for her to add the finishing touches, and then it makes its way back to the Comox Valley.

It is a challenging, creative process that they all thoroughly enjoy. They plan to continue working together for many years to come.

Ann Best - Duncan, BC;
Susan Jasper - Calgary, AB;
Katie Jasper - Calgary, AB

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Cynthia Bonesky

Cynthia began painting seriously when she moved to Port Alberni with her husband 16 years ago.

She is a grandmother to five children – all who live near enough to visit regularly – and she supports three children in different parts of the world through the Christian Children’s Fund.    Read more

She is an avid gardener and takes many pictures of her garden when it is in bloom.  The pictures are then used in her art.  Although she loves to paint pictures of flowers she is most interested in doing portraits.  Over time, she has expanded her art to include acrylic, oil, pencil crayon, and lately, fabric.

She is a member of a painting group who meet each week to paint together or to attend workshops given by guest artists.  She has been a member of the Federation of Canadian Artists for ten years and participates in their shows.  Recently, she won an award for a challenge quilt she entered in a quilter’s show in Australia. 

Cynthia is very enthusiastic about her art and hopes to continue quilting and painting for a long time.

Port Alberni, BC

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Maria Box

Maria’s mother started teaching her to sew when she was about 5 years old. By age 6 or 7 she had her own treadle sewing machine.

To make ends meet, her mom would buy second-hand wool coats that she would clean, turn inside out, and make into new clothing.   Read more

Her mum would have her crawl up inside the long wool coats while they were still on the hangers in the “Sally Ann”, and would ask, “Do you see any light shining through little holes?”  In this way, they would choose only woolen coats that were undamaged by moths.

Since then, Maria has been a ‘material girl’, collecting recycled fabrics and experimenting with synthetics. She has a wonderful collection of fabric and loves to share it and see others embrace their passion for the fabric arts. 

She counts it a privilege once more, to be a part of this amazing collaboration between the North Island Quilters for Community Awareness and the Stephen Lewis Grandmothers.

Courtenay, BC

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Patricia Carley

Patricia learned to quilt after she took early retirement from her high school teaching career in Ontario and moved to the west coast. She was immediately captivated by the variety of fabrics and wools available locally.   Read more

She is a founding member of 'Fibers and Beyond', a textile group that has had many shows over the last seven year and she is now showing with the 'Coast Collective Gallery' and the 'She Said Gallery'.

Patricia has private showings in many galleries, and her art is sold across North American, in Europe, England and Singapore. Her pieces, wall hangings and recently, knitted unique vests, have been accepted into the Sooke Fine Arts shows since 1998. 

Victoria, BC

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